Interior Design and Redecorating Services • Bergen County, NJ

Your home. Your furnishings.
Only better.

Get all of your pressing design questions answered — plus a written design plan that covers everything from floor to ceiling — in just one consultation.

See Immediate Results

Get a complete design plan and learn key design principles in a matter of hours. Clients are often surprised by what can happen in an afternoon through my process of mixing and editing existing pieces.

It’s Cost Effective

Avoid making costly mistakes and wasting precious time. I charge one flat rate and often re-use the items you already have. You’ll know exactly how much you’re spending before I even walk through the door.

Enjoy the Process!

Redesigning a home doesn’t need to be complex or stressful. Rather than starting from scratch, you may just need to rearrange your furniture. Enhance your personal style and make the most of what you own.

A consummate professional, she truly went above and beyond. Rarely does one find someone so committed to her clients.

— T.R., Fair Lawn, NJ

The right color can dramatically enhance a room and make you feel delighted by your space! Choose the perfect wall, tile and stone colors the first time with my professional guidance.

Enjoy a space that feels balanced, comfortable and functional — as well as beautiful. I can show you how to do this just by arranging and styling what you already have.

Get your property market-ready. I’ll provide a plan to style your home to appeal to potential buyers, helping your home sell faster.