It’s Color of the Year Time! Why You Should Care

It’s Color of the Year Time! Why You Should Care

Color of the Year 2018

The paint companies have all announced their color of the year for 2018. This happens every fall with lots of fanfare. And it’s hard not to get a little excited.

Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, and Behr all have big, colorful ad campaigns with beautiful photos of really pretty interiors. How does all this relate to you and your home?

If you changed your decor every time the color of the year changed, you would be painting and repainting every fall, not to mention reupholstering or buying new furniture and accessories to go with the new wall color. That’s probably not happening.

So what does it mean?

Benjamin Moore Caliente AF-290
Photo courtesy of Benjamin Moore

The paint companies study the trends in the home decorating market to see what people are buying . They follow fashion, industry, art, even packaging colors to predict what you, their customer will be looking for in the following year. They want to inspire you to improve your home and to make sure that  you know that you can rely on them for good advice.

How can you take advantage of these color announcements? The companies have serious teams that spend a lot of time and money  researching these trends and you can use that information to help you decorate your home.

How to get “colors of the year” to work for you

If you are drawn to a featured color, see if you can recharge your space with accessories in that color. Whether your sofa is beige or gray, Benjamin Moore’s Caliente, the bold red you see in these photos, could look great in a throw and accent pillows, or accessories for your coffee table.  The same could be said for the soft blue-gray In the Moment by Behr – don’t you love that name?- or Sherwin Williams Oceanside, a deep teal.

All offer lots of photos as well as some useful design advice such as coordinating colors.  You may find that elusive color that would work in the spare bedroom that needs to be painted. Colors of the year tend to be a good choice of the hue. For example, Simply White, Benjamin Moore’s color for 2016 was a very versatile white.

Colors of the year are backed up with palettes of the year

Benjamin Moore Caliente AF-290
Photo Courtesy of Benjamin Moore

There you will find many user-friendly colors that will blend with what you already own.  You will also almost magically find home accessories in all the home decor stores in these colors, and at every price point. This is not an accident. Manufacturers study the marketplace way in advance to make sure what they are selling is what you will want. For example, in these past few years of gray everywhere, if you needed pillows to coordinate with gray, they were easy to find in every store. Beige, not as much.

Does this mean you need to go with the trend? Not necessarily. Here’s why:

Always choose what you love

Your home should make you feel good, and the way we feel about colors is very, very personal. So if you have always loved blue, if your house was blue long before it was popular, it’s okay keep it blue. And if you love beige, and many of us do, that’s okay too. Lots of us live with neutral colors and there is a reason for that — they work!

Whether it’s on trend now or not, it will come around again eventually. And unless you are redecorating every other year, there is no way your home will be perfectly on trend at every moment, even if that was a goal.

Keep existing elements in mind

Most of us are working with furnishings and finishes that we already have.

Benjamin Moore Caliente AF-290
Photo courtesy of Benjamin Moore

When choosing a new paint color we will have to look at those first, and they will likely dictate what colors will work. Of course please take into account how a color makes you feel. Those two components will help bring joy to your walls.

Use color to create the mood that makes you feel good in your space and you will succeed every time.

If you need help choosing color, you can check out my color consulting services here. Happy redecorating!




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  1. Allyson…loved your explanation of the Color of the Year from various companies. Very informative and helpful. Cheers!

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