You already have those two chairs you love, but you aren't sure how to place them in the room. Then there's that painting you have your eye on. And the wall-to-wall carpet you aren't replacing just yet.

I can show you how to redesign any room, mixing and editing the right pieces and taking the best of what you have to transform your space into something that’s more functional, beautiful and perfectly suited for your needs.

Covers everything from empty spaces to complete interior redesigns

Redecorating services

What we’ll do:

Meet in your space and discuss your lifestyle, needs and personal tastes

Determine an ideal furniture placement (in many cases, rearrange existing furniture)

Plan to remove what you don’t need and bring in what you do

Go over what needs to be done in the shell of the room

All consultations include a 15 minute follow up by phone or email for any questions that may come up after the appointment

Style the room with your existing art and furnishings and advise on future purchases

Fee: $325 for standard sized room (under 19’ long) but can range from $175-$625 based on room size. Click here for a price list.
You get: a concise and organized written plan including all the above, which you can use to complete your project as time and budget allow

Call for additional information or to schedule a consultation.

Allyson has an amazing eye for scale and color. With Allyson's help, we took 60 year old chairs and made them look like they just came out of an upscale furniture showroom.

— L.G., Fair Lawn, NJ